Michael Davis

Director - IT

Rialto Capital Management

Mr. Davis joined Rialto in 2014 and is the Director of Business Process Management (“BPM”) and corporate platforms. He is responsible for all BPM development at Rialto and has direct technical oversite on all accounting, treasury, and fund management platforms used at Rialto.

Prior to Rialto, Mr. Davis worked at Quantum since 2008, managing the Dialer Platform, Reporting, and application development. Under his direction, his team was directly responsible for the creation of the proprietary Dialer, Reporting, and Application management platform used by Quantum. After Rialto purchased Quantum, Mr. Davis moved to Miami to directly oversee BPM development. Prior to Quantum, Mr. Davis held various roles at Wilshire, managing both the dialer and call center, creating proprietary platforms that manage all aspects of Special Servicing and loan management.