Corporate Responsibility –

Our Impact

Our mission is to create long term value for our investors, but our vision is to be an organization also admired for the inclusive and driven mindset of its people and corporate culture.

Our team of over 275+ associates throughout the United States and Europe is guided by our shared commitment to a culture of social responsibility, inclusion & diversity, and responsible investing. We are a team driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and an absolute commitment to excellence, integrity, respect, inclusion, and giving back to the communities in which we work and live.

Rialto Capital recognizes that cultivating an inclusive environment that integrates a workforce diverse in thoughts, perspectives, and experiences aligned around a shared purpose is essential to value creation. Our core principles of integrity, teamwork, and respect encourage new ideas and perspectives from our diverse, high performing team.

Rialto Capital and its Associates are committed to positively impacting our community – both locally and nationally. Rialto Capital actively participates in social and charitable causes, and encourages its associates to do the same.

Our organization and team have contributed time and/or resources to many organizations that align with Rialto Capital’s values, including the United Way, PREA Foundation and New York Cares.

The Rialto Inclusion
& Diversity (I&D) Network

In 2019, a group of Rialto Capital senior leaders came together, joined by a common interest in and commitment to fostering inclusion and diversity at Rialto. The network has since expanded to include representatives from all levels of the organization. The ordering of inclusion before diversity, in contrast to the more popular reference to diversity and inclusion, is intentional.

It is our belief that developing an inclusive work environment is an essential precursor to achieving genuine and sustainable diversity – one that goes beyond mere demographics, to the diversity of thought that challenges the status quo and drives high performance, continuous innovation and growth.
Over the past year, the Inclusion & Diversity Network has launched a series of organization-wide I&D trainings, keynote speaker events, and impactful benefit plan rollouts.

Our Goals

Foster an awareness of and value for inclusion and diversity across all levels of the organization through education and communication.


Enrich and strengthen our team by recruiting, developing, rewarding, and retaining standout individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.


Enhance Rialto Capital’s employer brand as an inclusive and diverse employer of choice.